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October 1st, 2006

artdreams in artoberfest2006

First Day of Artober Fest!

It's the first day of Artober Fest 2006! Are you all ready to begin a month full of arting up a storm? I'm so excited to get started!

I'd love to hear if you have a plan of attack. I do. I recently started reading Watercolor, A New Beginning: An Holistic Approach to Painting by Ann K. Lindsay It's got lots of exercises in it, so I'm planning on using the art I create with that book toward my inches. I also have a couple more art instruction type books that I'm going to follow along with this month. One is Paint Happy by Christina Acosta and the other is Altered Books Workshop by Bev Brazelton.  I'll have to find a large book for that so I can get my inch count in easier. ;-) This will take any of the frustrating "guesswork" out of what to draw, paint, create, etc. My skills aren't quite up there yet to be able to do many things on my own yet. I'm looking at this challenge as a way to immerse myself into an intense artistic learning experience.

The sketchbook I'm using to create in is 11 x 8.5. That's 93.5 square inches per page. In order to make the 5,000 inches I'll have to do 54 of these pages. I'll be using larger paper for my acrylic painting when I start the Paint Happy book. I like to use acrylics on smooth Bristol paper and it's 11 x 14, so that is 154 square inches. Once I start my Paint Happy book, my inch count will start to add up faster.

Well, I'm off to get showered and dressed and then sit down with my watercolors!

Artsy hugs,


artist_writer in artoberfest2006

Artist_Writer: Day One

I decided to do things different this year. I altered a spiral bound notebook and I'm going to see how much of it I can fill during this month of artyness. I'm going to work on other projects in conjunction with the "art journal" creations. ::smiles:: I'll post a picture of the cover and the first pages tomorrow.

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October 2006

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